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June 8, 2012
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I hated the old one, so here's a new one to make all of us happy! :XD:

Also, for those who roleplayed this before who are Still interested in roleplaying this, let me know so I can look back for the comments we posted on the old version

A young blue hedgehog walked up to a table of three. Her attire consisted of a black T-shirt, light blue pants, a metallic collar that supported a spring green sphere of sorts, and shoes that were strikingly familiar. Within the sort of lighting the building had to offer, one would say that the gold-blonde bangs framing her face was nearly shining. She finally came to a stop in front of the table, scanning her surroundings with her sky blue eyes. She takes out a pencil with one of her gloved hands, ready to write anything she heard for the very sake of memorization. She began to speak,

"Greetings, I am Ally Bluestorm, here to serve you this evening. I assume that you're ready to order, are you not?"
"Two *insert fancy drink* and a *fancy drink* fo' him." The man between his partners replied. Ally responded to the order in a nod, and walked off.

The area Ally was working in was a restaraunt that had been built underground. It was built quite some time ago, nearly a month- so it was fairly new. Suspiciously enough, it was built nearby both a volcano and a mine- which it was recently discovered two chaos emeralds had wound up in. The team in which Ally was affiliated with, the Freedom Fighters of New Mobotropolis, had decided to work with Station Square's G.U.N. in order to obtain the emeralds- which Ally honestly thought was stupid. How could the Freedom Fighters be so dumb?! G.U.N. obviously wanted the emeralds themselves, and whether they were allies or not, things were sure to be chaotic once the emeralds were found! Perhaps that's why they chose her to go on this mission. After all, she was one of their strongest fighters. Inconveniently enough, though, G.U.N. had chosen Shadow to be partnered up with her.

Rivals or not, however, they had to get to the answers fast! This restaraunt had something to do with the mines, and the one who owned it was a very skilled and powerful villain herself: Kana, the Demon!

Also, I won't roleplay Shadow unless I really have to... I'm awful at roleplaying as him. TTwTT

Ally and Kana (mentioned) belong to me
Shadow (mentioned) belongs to SEGA
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Very good demonstration my friend! :D
kya! I love the way you draw expressions and such!! >w<
Thanks! X3
Expressions are quite easy when working with mobians. You can draw them nearly any way you please! :XD: Oh man, I can remember drawing some really weird/"warped" ones sometime last year! :lmao:
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